The Best Monthly SEO Report Template for Marketers & Agencies

An SEO (search engine optimization) report can help you make better business decisions and optimize your SEO strategy by getting real, raw data that reflects your efforts. Our monthly SEO report template is perfect for all marketers who wish to track their organic vs. PPC performance, SEO efforts, and keyword rankings in seconds. Gather your favorite SEO tools, from Google Analytics, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and more, into a single, awesome SEO report. The template will update itself automatically while also showing the data from previous months to see the progression.

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An SEO custom Report built for SEO agencies

If you have an SEO agency, you’ll likely want to report on your client's website’s SEO results and strategies. But there are many KPIs, and picking the right ones can quickly become overwhelming. Our monthly SEO template is a great starting point for your reporting needs. It’s packed with metrics like pageviews, organic traffic, conversion rate, click-through rate, keyword ranking, link-building stats, and technical SEO KPIs. It focuses on specific data points and key metrics that will provide a more in-depth SEO analysis without going into the complicated stuff. Bring SEO data visualization to another level with Dashthis’s report templates.

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Top SEO KPIs included

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the exact Google algorithm and its indexing process, we’ve chosen the most crucial, tried-and-true KPIs and added them to our best SEO report template. Perform a site audit and get SEO campaign results in one crystal-clear sample SEO report.

SEO report template widgets
  • organic sessions seo report

    Organic Sessions

    Pinpoint is coming from organic search results by tracking your organic sessions, or use this same format of the historic widget to track the following KPIs:

    • Organic search visits
    • Bounce rate
    • Average page load time
    • Pages per visit from organic
    • Referring domains
    • And more!
  • organic landing page seo report template

    Top Organic Landing Pages

    Determine which of your landing pages generates the most traffic by using a multi-column widget to track your SEO progress with the following metrics:

    • Visit by channel
    • Visits by device
    • New vs. returning visitors
    • And more!
  • organic conversion rate seo report template

    Organic Conversion Rate

    Ensure your organic visitors convert with a historic widget showing the organic conversion rate. You can use the same format of the widget to track the following KPIs:

    • Organic conversions
    • Revenues from organic
    • Transaction from organic
    • And more!
  • keyword report template

    Top Organic Keywords

    After keyword research, this widget will help you identify which target keyword drives the most ranking progress.

    • Best performing keywords by clicks
    • Best performing keywords by impressions
    • Best performing keywords by CTR
    • Best performing keywords by average position
    • And more!

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How to create your own SEO report

Plugging your own data from across many SEO tools into our simple SEO report template is as easy as 1-2-3!

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SEO report template step 1 Create your DashThis account

All you need is your email and a password. Plus, you can start by using the tool for free!

SEO report template step 2 Connect your SEO tools

Include your Google Analytics data, Google Search Console data (GSC), and much more… all in the same report!

SEO report template step 3 Select your report template

Choose the SEO & Backlinks Report Template from the menu, and you’re all set!

Connect your favorite SEO tools

You can connect many SEO tools to your SEO report template, including Google Analytics 4, Ahrefs, Google Ads, SEMRush, Moz, Google Search Console, and more!

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Automate your SEO client reporting

DashThis gives you the simplicity of a pre-built monthly SEO report template and the speed of automation with the customization power you’d expect from a powerful reporting tool.

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SEO report template customization

SEO report icon Custom SEO KPIs

Choose from various chart formats and pick your SEO metrics, dimensions, segments, and other settings to help you showcase your data how you want to. Visualize the data you want to, whether it’s with pie charts, trends, or graphs.

white label SEO report icon White Label SEO Reports

Our SEO reporting template can be entirely customized to fit your brand. Custom URL, custom design, or even both!

seo report cloning icon SEO Report Cloning

There is no need to start from scratch for every client: once you create a perfect SEO report, clone your layout and change the data sources to your new client’s!

Frequently Asked Questions

What key features does DashThis offer in its SEO report template?

DashThis provides a user-friendly SEO report template featuring customizable dashboards, seamless integration with various SEO tools, automated report generation, white labeling for branding, visually appealing data visualization, mobile-friendly reports, and collaboration options. These features help businesses and marketers to efficiently monitor, analyze, and present their SEO performance data, facilitating informed decision-making and effective stakeholder communication. Additionally, DashThis aids in addressing SEO issues, conducting SEO audits, and optimizing content marketing strategies.

Can I customize the SEO report template in DashThis to suit my specific needs and branding?

Yes, DashThis allows for extensive customization of its SEO report template to cater to individual needs and branding preferences. Users can personalize their reports by selecting relevant metrics, adjusting layouts, and incorporating branding elements such as logos, colors, and fonts. For example, to make your SEO report focused on technical aspects, consider KPIs such as broken links and site speed to effectively gauge performance in these areas.

How frequently can I generate SEO reports using this DashThis template?

With DashThis, users can generate SEO reports according to their needs and preferences. The frequency of report generation is customizable, allowing users to schedule reports daily, weekly, monthly, or on a custom schedule. This feature lets businesses and marketers update their SEO performance regularly and share insights with stakeholders at the desired intervals.

Does DashThis's SEO report template integrate with popular SEO tools and platforms?

Yes, DashThis's SEO report template seamlessly integrates with a wide range of popular SEO tools and platforms. This integration capability allows users to gather data from various sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, SEMrush, and more into a single cohesive report. By consolidating data from multiple sources, businesses and marketers can gain comprehensive insights into their SEO performance and make informed decisions to improve their online presence.

Can I collaborate with team members or clients on SEO reports created with DashThis?

Yes, DashThis SEO report template facilitates collaboration by enabling users to share reports with team members or clients. Users can grant access permissions to control who can view or edit the reports, fostering collaboration and ensuring stakeholders can contribute to discussions and decision-making processes. This feature enhances communication and teamwork, allowing users to work together effectively to optimize their SEO strategies and achieve their business goals.

Share your monthly SEO report template!

It’s so easy to share your SEO report template with your marketing team or clients, no matter where they are and how they want to get their reports!

sharing seo template formats

email template By email

Your clients will never miss their reports, and you’ll never have to send them manually again with our easy automated email dispatch; your clients or team will receive a link to access their SEO reports whenever they want, and you can even include a PDF copy of the report!

URL template With a URL share

Share your SEO report template with a URL. It’s easy and convenient, and your client or stakeholder can access your SEO report anytime, no matter where they are: on a mobile device, on their computer at home, on vacation, or anywhere the internet is available!

Portable Document Format template With a PDF

Exporting your SEO report template as a PDF is as easy as can be! You can automatically attach your PDF reports to your email dispatch in the blink of an eye. You can also print them if you need a hard copy or email them to your team! It’s up to you!

Our SEO report templates

No matter what kind of SEO report template you’re creating, DashThis makes it simple!

SEO reports illustration

backlink report icon Backlink Profile Report

Keep tabs on your competitors’ new backlinks, how many you’ve got, the domain name, the domain and page authority, etc.

Create your backlink profile report

keyword ranking report icon Keyword Ranking Report

Get your favorite rank tracker data in DashThis and see how your keywords are ranking on various search engines, and how their average position evolves over time.

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Local SEO Report icon Local SEO Report

Connect DashThis to your Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console accounts and keep track of how your organic search traffic is doing.

Create your organic traffic report

SEMrush report icon SEMrush Report

Track your search visibility, keyword rankings, and SERP positions, and identify opportunities in order to best outrank your competitors with a SEMRush report.

Create your SEMrush report

Moz report icon Moz Report

Monitor your website’s performance with a Moz report, and get a precise view of what’s working and what needs to be worked on, including the referral traffic, keywords, and the domain authority.

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Ahrefs report icon Ahrefs Report

Build a report to keep track of how your competitors are ranking on search engines, and make sure your strategy points in the right direction.

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More Template Formats for SEO Marketers

Need other types of digital marketing report templates? We’ve got your back! Take a look!

seo report template illustration

social media report template icon Social Media Report Template

Ensure that your social media campaigns, from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, are always on track! Our social media report template has all the KPIs you need!

See our social media report template

eCommerce Report Template icon eCommerce Report Template

A report with all the most important metrics for your eCommerce site, like shopping cart abandonment, click-through rate (CTR), total sales, product checkouts, and of course, your conversion rate. 

See our email report template

google analytics 4 report template icon Google Analytics 4 Report Template

Gather all your clients’ website key data in a single, nice-looking Google Analytics report for your client! Our Google Analytics report template gathers all the most crucial KPIs you should be tracking.

see our google analytics 4 report template

SEO Agencies are loving our SEO report template

DashThis is the power behind thousands of monthly online marketing reports. Still wondering if we’re really THAT cool? These folks seem to think so!

  • Easy, convenient, and fast to set up.
    Laurent Roumieu - PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media Laurent Roumieu PPC Analyst / Paid Search / Performance Media 360i Canada
  • The biggest benefit is the time saved in terms of data collection. It's also great that the design is very pretty out of the box.
    Jonas Meister - Digital Marketing Strategist Jonas Meister Digital Marketing Strategist GnuWorld
  • We've played around with countless reporting tools over the years but none of them come anywhere close to Dashthis. The level of integration and customization of reports, as well as their outstanding client support are unrivalled!
    Reef Digital Agency Director Hadrien Brassens Director Reef Digital Agency
  • DashThis allows me to quickly and easily get my clients key multi-channel performance metrics in one easy to digest report!
    Dave Ashworth - Technical SEO Consultant Dave Ashworth Technical SEO Consultant Organic Digital
  • Game changer for client communications and expectations. Also help in the sales process!
    Darian Kovacs - Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Darian Kovacs Digital Marketing & PR Specialist Jelly Digital Marketing & PR
  • We have so much less manual work to do; we save many hours a month that can instead be used for our customers!
    Mariève Masse - SEO Specialist & Project Manager Mariève Masse SEO Specialist & Project Manager O2 Web
  • Saves a lot of time as I can pull data from various channels all within one platform!
    Natalie Martin - Digital Marketing Manager Natalie Martin Digital Marketing Manager Travel Tripper
  • Customer service has been great, quick responses. The dashboard is awesome, looks good, and has everything we need to client reporting. Kudos!
    Nekta Born - Digital Media Trader Nekta Born Digital Media Trader iProspect
  • I like your system, but love the support. It feels that your team is very willing to work with us to accomplish what we need.
    Mark Strong - Vice President of Digital Marketing Mark Strong Vice President of Digital Marketing Clear Marketing Creative Agency
  • Simple, easy, flexible, and versatile tool with a great UI.
    Juho Santala - Digital Planner Juho Santala Digital Planner Redland
  • Phenomenal customer service.
    Niek Van Santen - Managing Director Niek Van Santen Managing Director Bouncing Orange
  • This tool has helped us close new accounts and improve customer satisfaction.
    Jeff Schroeffel - President / Lead Consultant Jeff Schroeffel President / Lead Consultant Pittsburgh Internet Consulting
  • DashThis provides us with the metrics we need as well as an easy way to automate our client reporting. Also, their customer support is great.
    Tarek Reda - Head of Digital Marketing Tarek Reda Head of Digital Marketing bfound
  • We use so many different reporting platforms - this consolidates what we give our clients.
    Leigh Ann Moltz - Digital Marketing Manager Leigh Ann Moltz Digital Marketing Manager Eighty Three Creative
  • DashThis is a phenomenal tool for communicating with clients and staff. With 10 minutes of set up, I can create a custom report for a client that speaks to their digital marketing goals.
    Michelle Henderson - Founder Bad Cat Digital Agency Michelle Henderson Founder Bad Cat Digital
  • We used to spend 30-40 hrs on monthly reporting. We’re now down to 10-20 hours max while providing even more detailed information.
    Brad Blackburn - Director of Search Engine Marketing at GravityFree Brad Blackburn Director of Search Engine Marketing GravityFree
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