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If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve dabbled into the fabulous world of search engine optimization, and if you still haven’t.... welcome! SEO is an integral part of digital marketing, and you want to be able to get reports on your efforts. That being said, Ahrefs is the tool you need to understand how your competitors rank on search engines… and what you need to do to outrank them. With Ahrefs dashboards, you can better understand your SEO data and learn where to go with your strategy.

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Ahrefs is one of the most SEO tools marketers use for its functionalities like content explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, and more. It also allows users to perform keyword research and measure important metrics like search traffic, organic keyword ideas, and internal links. Moreover, Ahrefs has its domain authority, called domain rating, who helps marketers track their progress.

Plug in your Ahrefs data to track your number of referring domains and get a better view of your backlink report and metrics like domain rating, which help measure SEO progress.

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white label Ahrefs dashboards Your brand

Whether you add your own or your client's logo, make your report reflect your brand with our custom theme feature! Pick your colors and choose how the data is presented: your SEO report could have looked better.

All-in-one Ahrefs dashboards All-in-one

Simply connect your Ahrefs account and drag and drop your widgets onto your report to create a fantastic dashboard that includes all the most critical SEO and Ahrefs metrics.

Custom Ahrefs dashboards Your data

After putting efforts into your SEO, you will want to measure your results. With Dashthis, customize your widgets to show your Ahrefs data how you want to.

Automated report Completely automated

We do the heavy lifting! No more fetching Ahrefs data and copy-pasting in excel spreadsheets or Google sheets; the entire process is automated!

Multiple sharing options Multiple sharing options

Share your reports with your clients in seconds with automatic email dispatches, easy-to-share URLs, and printable PDFs. The choice is yours!

Ahrefs report template Your own template

Don't start your dashboards from scratch; choose from one of our preset templates or create your report template in seconds! 

Available Preset Widgets

Featuring the most common KPIs, these widgets are ready to use! Drag, drop, done!

Ahrefs Dashboard Preset Widgets
  • Ahrefs Dashboard Domain Rating

    Domain Rating

    This historic widget shows the strength of your website’s overall backlink profile, on a scale from 1 to 100.

  • Ahrefs Anchor Text Used Dashboard

    Anchor Text Used

    This list widget shows the anchor texts (clickable text in hyperlinks) used to link to your website.

  • Ahrefs External Backlinks Dashboard

    External Backlinks

    This historic widget shows the total number of backlinks your site has (aka. links on other websites that refer back to your site).

  • Ahrefs Referring Domains Dashboard

    Referring Domains

    This historic widget shows the total number of domains on which your backlinks are found.

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Other Useful Integrations

Ahrefs is best used when tracking SEO metrics alongside other digital marketing tools. Combine your SEO efforts with social media and traffic KPIs to get a better view of your digital marketing performance.

SEO and digital marketing report templates

Do you want actionable insights into optimizing your technical SEO, link-building or content-marketing game? To do so, you need a better in-depth view of your SEO and digital marketing activities. Our report templates are built for marketers, by marketers, and you need to add your Ahrefs data and other data sources of tools you use daily.

SEO report template SEO report template

Gather all your favorite SEO tools, from Google Analytics to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and way more, into a single, awesome SEO audit report! With this report template, you can track all your SEO performance and keyword rankings in seconds. Get a full backlink analysis with broken links and referring domains, and track your URL rating.

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Google search console report template (GSC) Google search console report template (GSC)

An awesome report with essential metrics for your SEO strategy. Track organic search performance overview (SERP) and in-depth audience analysis by country or device types. These insights allow you to make better data-driven decisions.

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Digital marketing report template Digital marketing report template

This report gives you a good view of all your online marketing strategy metrics and overall online performance from SEO to social media platforms and PPC. Track your marketing efforts with KPIs like organic traffic and search volume (Google search), single-page data, and audience demographics. 

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