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Google Analytics is a one-stop-shop where you get an overview of your visitors’ behaviour when they’re interacting with your brand online. Since it’s the biggest search engine in the world, it should come as no surprise that measuring and tracking your presence within Google is imperative. With our Google Analytics dashboards, it’s easy to assemble all your data together in one place… whether it’s from the universal analytics, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), or any other data source you use!

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White Label Google Analytics Dashboard Your logo

Whether your own or your client’s logo, make your dashboard reflect your brand!

All-in-one Google Analytics Dashboards All-in-one

Drag-and-drop your widgets onto your dashboard to create a clean report layout that includes all the information you need: from GA4 to SEO data and more.

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard Your data

Customize your widgets to show the data you want, the way you want to. You can even merge your Universal Analytics widgets with your GA4 widgets or with any other integration for a better overview of your website performance!

Available Preset Widgets

Featuring the most common KPIs, these widgets are ready to use! Drag, drop, done!

Google Analytics Dashboard Preset Widgets
  • Returning session rate google analytics dashboards

    Returning Sessions Rate

    This gauge widget shows the percentage of sessions derived from visitors who have already visited your site at least once before. It is calculated by dividing the number of sessions from returning visitors by the total number of sessions.

  • bounce rate google analytics dashboards

    Bounce Rate

    This historic widget shows the percentage of visitors that landed on your site but left immediately after arriving without browsing. It is calculated by dividing the number of sessions viewing only one page by the total sessions on your site.

  • top landing pages by sessions google analytics dashboards

    Top Landing Pages by Sessions

    This list widget shows the landing pages through which visitors arrive on your site.

  • conversion rate google analytics dashboards

    Conversion Rate from Organic

    This historic widget shows the number of conversions that can be attributed to organic traffic.

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Available Metrics, Segments, & Dimensions

These are the top 10 metrics and dimensions users usually include in their Google Analytics dashboards:

This shows the total number of pages viewed. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
Per Session Value
This shows the average revenue per session. For mobile apps, this is the average for in-app revenue only. Acquisition revenue (like from app purchases within a marketplace like Google Play) is not included.
This shows the number of single-page visits.
Goal Conversion Rate
This shows the sum of all individual goal conversion rates.
Cost per Transaction
This shows the average cost of each transaction.
AdSense CTR
This shows the percentage of page impressions that resulted in a click on an AdSense ad.
Session Duration
This shows the length of a session in seconds. A session lasts as long as there is continued activity.
Pages / Session
This shows the average number of pages viewed during a session. Repeated views of a single page are counted.
This dimension allows you to isolate your data based on your users’ age bracket.
This dimension allows you to isolate your data based on the language settings in your users’ browsers. Analytics uses the following ISO codes, For example: en (English), en-us (English, United States), en-gb (English, Great Britain).

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Add Your Google Analytics 4 Web Properties

With DashThis, you'll also be able to track your new GA4 property + app data alongside your Universal Analytics properties. No matter the version of Google Analytics you use, you'll be able to track all your digital analyticsweb pagesdigital marketing, & ecommerce data, from multiple Google Analytics accounts and sources. The best part? You get it all into one Google Analytics dashboard.

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Other Useful Integrations

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:

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