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Shopify is a great e-commerce solution that you can use to create an online store for your e-commerce business. You can easily connect it to DashThis using Google Sheets in just 2 simple steps. Create perfect e-commerce dashboards for all your marketing campaigns and Shopify store data; from Shopify sales, to top products sold, track everything you need in no time. 

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shopify KPIs All your preferred KPIs

Get a quick real-time access to all your e-commerce key metrics ; average order value, conversion rate, shopping cart data, checkout, refunds, total sales, etc. And on top of that, you can add all your other marketing channel metrics.

shopify data sources All your data sources

Shopify is just one of the many platforms you use for e-commerce and digital marketing: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google My Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter... With DashThis, you can gather all your online marketing platforms, social media and more, in the same report!

automated google adwords Automated through a third party

By using Google Sheets with a third-party tool, you can easily import your Shopify data into DashThis without any manual intervention. Learn how to do so in our help center article.

Unlimited Shopify accounts Unlimited Shopify accounts

You've got multiple clients and need just as many Shopify accounts in your analytics dashboards? That's not a problem! There are no limitations in the number of Shopify accounts or data sources you can link to DashThis.

sharing google adwords Multiple sharing options

Share your reports with your clients in seconds with automatic email dispatches, easy-to-share URLs, and printable PDFs. The choice is yours!

shopify templates Your own templates

Don't start your dashboards from scratch ever again; get started by choosing from one of our preset templates or create your very own report template in seconds!

Commonly Used Metrics & Dimensions

These are the top 10 metrics and dimensions users usually include in their Shopify dashboard:

Ordered Quantity
The quantity of items that were ordered. Returned items are not included.
Gross Sales
The total value of your sales before any deductions such as taxes, shipping charges, discounts, and returns. Canceled, pending, and unpaid orders are included, unlike test and deleted orders.
The total value reduction applied to a sale in the form of discounts on products, collections, or entire orders.
The total value attributed to the shipping rates. Shipping discounts and refunded shipping amounts are included.
Total Sales
The total price of orders as billed to the customers. This is calculated by adding the taxes and shipping charges to the net sales' value.
The number of orders that were placed. Canceled, pending, and unpaid orders are included, unlike test and deleted orders.
Avg. Order Value
The average value of orders billed to customers. This is calculated by dividing the Total Sales by the number of Orders. Returned items are not included.
Product Type
The name of the product's category.
Customer Type
The type of customer depending on the number of orders he placed (first-time customer vs returning customer).
Product ID
The title of the product along with its ID.

But why stop there? You can track any Shopify KPIs & data you want!

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Other Useful Integrations

Get a more inclusive view of your data by including these integrations in your dashboard too:

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To learn how to connect Shopify to your dashboards, read our complete guide, and if you have any questions, let us know!

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